Friday, February 19, 2016


A women’s wardrobe is incomplete without a collection of casual clothes that stylises her look on a regular day. T shirts are some of the most sought after casual outfits that are simple yet fashionable. Want to glam up your wardrobe ? Just logon to for an array of T-shirts and Tops that can transform your look. 

Women’s Tees normally have a fitted- cut. A fitted-cut T-shirt has a curved side seam which comes in at the waist and goes out at the upper and lower ends, to make room for curvy hips and bust/chest areas. The shoulders are also cut narrower, and the sleeves are shorter and more fitted relative to a straight-cut shirt. The neckline may be slightly scooped in front. 

Have a look at our range of premium ladies T shirts and Tops and beat the heat this summer by picking the right one to match your need. Tank tops with racerback, Cropettes, Round- neck and V-neck Tees, Tube Tops........we have it all. Make sure that your wardrobe has a T-Shirt for every occasion. Be it a casual day out with friends or a vacation with family, you can opt for the range of casual round neck or V-neck T shirt, or even a printed T shirt. Plain bold colours also look fabulous when worn with a denim jeans. There are T-shirts in sleeveless styling with relaxed fit and delicate trim lace detailing at neckline. Lace back tank tops can also be used for sleeping and lounging. These T-shirts coordinate perfectly with knit sleep pants / shorts. Make your choice from brands like Jockey, Benetton etc and make a fashion statement. Go ahead and create your own combinations of Tops and Bottoms for the trendy look according to the season.

Bodybasics has a wide collection of women’s T-shirts and Tops to suit all tastes. Browse the latest trends and textures in this season’s colour palette & ride high on fashion with these unique range of branded Tops & T-shirts.

Friday, February 5, 2016


Here's an interesting fact. The first jockstrap was invented over 125 years ago. Since then, many support garments have arrived in the market. Choosing a supportive garment that is right for you depends on the sport you're playing and how much protection you want. 

The goal of an athletic supporter is to lift, support, and cradle a man's testes/scrotum against his body. A man's "jewels" hang in place with delicate cord and muscle tissues. Shock or strain on these cords and muscles can result in injury. 

If you're playing high impact sports like football, hockey, soccer, rugby, baseball etc, supporters with hard cups are highly recommended. Basically, any sport where a speeding projectile is involved, you should wear a hard cup. Supporters should be worn (without cups) for any sport requiring running such as track and field, basketball, and rollerblading. Supporters mainly confine the genitals, keeping them out of harm's way. We've all seen grown men reduced to a semi-fetal position after a hit to the groin without any protection. The recovery from such a blow is very slow and agonizing. Remember this next time you think you can do without. 

Remember, layering is key to support. Many athletes choose to wear more than one pair of underwear at the same time to provide the needed support. It really depends on how much protection and support you're looking for, and what you are comfortable wearing. A good supporter must function almost as an integral part of your body if it is going to be comfortable and effective. When choosing a supporter, keep in mind that the sizing does not relate to the cup size - only the waistband size. The waistband should fit the contours of your body for natural support. Generally, a waistband on a supporter will be wider than the average waistband on briefs, offering greater support. 

At what age should you start wearing a supporter ? A boy involved in any sport that has the potential to cause injury to the genitals should be protected - regardless of age. Shop online for supporters at