Wednesday, October 28, 2015


We're all about saving money when it comes to our workout clothes. You may have spent a fortune on gym membership and invested in a great new kit. But it's more than likely that you're missing the most vital piece of exercise equipment of all - a sports bra. An alarming 56% of women face breast pain when exercising, yet many ladies are not wearing the most supportive sports bras which are now available to exercise in. Have a look at the wide range of sports bra to suit different body types at

Not wearing a sports bra is actually a common occurrence, especially in smaller-chested women who don't think they need the flattening or sometimes uncomfortable support that sports bras provide. While others think a built-in shelf bra is enough for any workout, the truth is that the right support is essential during a workout, especially a high-impact one. A huge number of women are experiencing some breast injury from tissue moving up and down or in and out during exercise. That's because lack of breast support can lead to back pain and discomfort — including tissue damage that over time can cause stretch marks and sagging. And before you think that your B-cups have blessed you with the ability to skip the bra, think again. Even the smallest sizes can experience permanent damage to connective tissue over time if you neglect to give them the right support. Since breast tissue moves in a figure-eight pattern when you run, walk, or jump, using a bra with cups will support you better. And while it may seem like one more exercise-related expense to invest in a few high-quality sports bras for your workout routine, it's worth it to make sure you stay feeling your best during and after every sweat session. When choosing a sports bra make sure to consider whether you are going to be doing high or low impact exercise as there are different bras to suit each of these. It is also important that you get the right fit. Choosing the right bra will depend on your cup size, preference and activity level.

No matter what type of exercise you do, buying a good quality sports bra is the same as buying good quality sneakers, it will support your body and enhance your workout routine. Shop online for a wide range of sports bra from premium brands at

Wednesday, October 21, 2015


Men’s vests or undershirts have seen a remarkable evolution in the 19th and 20th century and have become much more elaborate with time. The basic purpose of an undershirt or vest is to absorb sweat. It’s there to provide a defensive layer between your body and your more expensive clothing. A good vest or undershirt can also provide insulation when needed, and some are worn to “compress” the figure in a slimming attempt. The easiest way to explain men’s vests is to say that it’s pretty much a basic necessity that keeps the rest of the clothes from getting gross. Men’s vests are available in different styles depending on the variation in climate and the clothing worn. A thick, knit vest with long sleeves can be worn in winter, but the same wearer might want a short-sleeved variety with a deep V-neck or scoop neck in the summer.

Today's modern men hate making compromises, especially when it comes to men's innerwear. The main criteria that they look at while buying innerwear are style, comfort and of course durability or value for money. These days high quality innerwear is an integral part of men's lifestyle. offers a wide range of men's vests online from premium brands like Jockey, United Colours of Benetton, Chromozome, Macroman, Levi’s and many more under one roof. They are available in different colours, fabrics, styles, sleeveless or half sleeved and also in a variety of neck styles like round, square and V-neck to suit your taste and style. Apart from this, vests come with various stylistic features like ribbed body, armhole, contrast panel detailing etc. Choose the one that best suits your need and comfort level. You can even wear one while you are jogging or working out in a gym. You can also opt for a single piece pack or a pack with multiple vests to save money. Some vests are as plain and utilitarian as you can get, while others are stylishly designed for visible wear, especially when worn in the gym or for any sporting activity. But at the end of the day, they’re all there for the same reason: your body eventually makes the clothes it’s touching pretty gross, and an undershirt or vest is a lot cheaper to wash and eventually replace than your nice clothes. The best undershirt is one that does everything you want it to. What that might be depends on your needs and your tastes. You can either buy 100% cotton vests or can go for cotton mixed with other materials such as lycra. is the leading online store, to buy men's inner wear, sportswear and leisure wear in India. Here you will find a huge collection of men's vests at really competitive prices. Shopping on is fun, hassle-free and extremely easy with its user-friendly interface. Shop for men's vests online to get it delivered to your doorstep with just a click of a button.

Wednesday, October 14, 2015



A brassiere or bra as it is commonly called, is a woman's undergarment that supports her breasts. Bras are typically form-fitting and perform a variety of functions; not only do women usually wear them to support their breasts, but they have also evolved into a fashion item. Changing social trends and novel materials have increased the variety and complexity of available designs as well as allowed manufacturers to make bras that in some instances are more fashionable than functional. Some garments, such as  swimsuits, camisoles, tank tops and backless dresses, have built-in breast support, eliminating the need to wear a separate bra. The bra has become a feminine icon or symbol with cultural significance beyond its primary function of supporting breasts. Bras are worn for many reasons – among them are comfort, appearance, or to conform to social expectations. Some bras are designed to enhance the size of breasts, while others are designed for comfort. Some bras are constructed to provide support for women athletes which normally do not have fasteners and are pulled on over the head and breasts, while some bras are designed for nursing. You can buy bra online at and check out our exclusive collection of bra, to suit your requirement and match your body structure. 

Bras are one of the most complex pieces of apparel. There is an increasingly wide range of brassiere styles available, designed to match different body types, situations, and outer wear. The degree of shaping and coverage of the breasts varies between styles, as do functionality, fashion, fit, fabric, and colour. Common types include padded, non-padded, wired, non-wired, backless, balconette, convertible or multi way bras, full cup, demi-cup, minimizers, plunge, push-up, racer back, T-shirt,  soft cup, sports bra etc. If you want to downplay a heavier top, we suggest   you to go for minimizer bras. For sagging  breasts, push up or underwired bras with a good support are normally recommended. Many designs combine one or more of these styles. Showing the bra-straps, has become a fashion statement these days. It is increasingly common to see women wearing clothing that purposefully exposes a portion of their bra or bra straps. 

A well fitted bra is a women’s best friend as it boosts her confidence, enhances her beauty, provides great shape and adds colour to her life. At Body Basics, we understand this and cater to a wide range of bras to enable you to pick the one that makes you feel confident and beautiful.  You can choose from an array of colours to suit your mood and your outfit.  Whether you need a bra to wear with a strapless gown or require one to provide a seamless fit, just logon to and buy bra online with just the click of a button. Infact you can see the new lingerie trends which we keep adding to our collection from time to time.

Wednesday, October 7, 2015


The Indian apparel market has been witnessing a shift towards the organised segment.  The premium and super-premium category in both the men’s and women’s segment has witnessed a higher growth than other segments. With increasing disposable incomes and customers’ willingness to shell out more for better quality products, domestic innerwear manufacturers are working towards increasing the share of premium products in their product portfolio.

The innerwear industry in India holds immense growth potential and it is evident from the entry of large international brands in the Indian market in the last few years. A key factor characterising the huge growth in the Indian innerwear market is the increasing size of the organised market and the declining share of the unorganised market resulting in growing independent brands taking charge of the market. The Indian innerwear market continues to be underpenetrated and thereby holds immense business opportunities. A distinctive shift from price sensitivity to brand sensitivity and preference for bold colours and innovative designs are two key trends to have emerged in this segment.

The women’s innerwear market is considered to be more dynamic, with many design variation and the regular introduction of innovative products. Growing number of working women, changing fashion trends, increased awareness about better fits, rising disposable income and level of information has given the women innerwear industry a new dimension. The men’s innerwear market is characterised by the presence of numerous Indian and International brands catering to different segments of the market. The economy segment contributes to 55% of the of the men’s innerwear market, while the rest comes from mid-price segment, premium and super –premium segments. The premium and the mid-price segments are expected to witness a higher growth rate within this market.

The Innerwear today has achieved new dimensions. An unending list of brands present in the Indian lingerie market is the proof of the great potential of the market in India. Innerwear has slowly come out of the closet in India today. About a decade ago the subject of lingerie was discussed in hushed tones. Today the scenario has changed and people are more comfortable talking about lingerie now. To emerge a winner in the market marked by the presence of multiple players, brands and retailers have to optimise their business operations by addressing the challenges and harnessing market opportunities. Bodybasics is a key retailer in the innerwear segment, focussing on the way innerwear is retailed in India. Come shop with us at