Wednesday, October 28, 2015


We're all about saving money when it comes to our workout clothes. You may have spent a fortune on gym membership and invested in a great new kit. But it's more than likely that you're missing the most vital piece of exercise equipment of all - a sports bra. An alarming 56% of women face breast pain when exercising, yet many ladies are not wearing the most supportive sports bras which are now available to exercise in. Have a look at the wide range of sports bra to suit different body types at

Not wearing a sports bra is actually a common occurrence, especially in smaller-chested women who don't think they need the flattening or sometimes uncomfortable support that sports bras provide. While others think a built-in shelf bra is enough for any workout, the truth is that the right support is essential during a workout, especially a high-impact one. A huge number of women are experiencing some breast injury from tissue moving up and down or in and out during exercise. That's because lack of breast support can lead to back pain and discomfort — including tissue damage that over time can cause stretch marks and sagging. And before you think that your B-cups have blessed you with the ability to skip the bra, think again. Even the smallest sizes can experience permanent damage to connective tissue over time if you neglect to give them the right support. Since breast tissue moves in a figure-eight pattern when you run, walk, or jump, using a bra with cups will support you better. And while it may seem like one more exercise-related expense to invest in a few high-quality sports bras for your workout routine, it's worth it to make sure you stay feeling your best during and after every sweat session. When choosing a sports bra make sure to consider whether you are going to be doing high or low impact exercise as there are different bras to suit each of these. It is also important that you get the right fit. Choosing the right bra will depend on your cup size, preference and activity level.

No matter what type of exercise you do, buying a good quality sports bra is the same as buying good quality sneakers, it will support your body and enhance your workout routine. Shop online for a wide range of sports bra from premium brands at


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