Wednesday, November 25, 2015


There are dozens of different styles of bras that serve different purposes. None is more versatile than the balconette-style bra, and this is why many women choose this type of bra to wear on a regular basis. The balconette-style bra is flattering and can be worn by all types of women. The style of the balconette bra is similar to demi-cup and half-cup bras which is why some shoppers may have trouble telling the difference. Let’s get into the details of the what exactly is a balconette bra, its benefits and when to wear a balconette-style bra.

The balconette-style bra is also commonly known as the balcony bra. This type of bra offers less coverage than the full-cup bra and even the demi-cup bra. The balconette bra is shaped in a way that provides a full and round appearance to the breasts. Sometimes known as a shelf bra. Lifts the breasts to enhance their appearance, shape, and cleavage. More revealing version of a demi-bra, offering little to no coverage. The balconette bra offers less coverage which means that the support has to come from the bottom. In order to provide support, most balconette bras have an underwire. Without the underwire, the bra would not be able to support medium to large-sized breasts. Additional support comes from its wide band. The cups of a balconette-style bra are cut in a way that reveal more of the top and inner parts of the breasts. The straps are also set wider so that more of the chest and shoulder area is exposed. Many balconette bras have padding to help lift the breasts.

The balconette bra has several benefits which is why many women have at least one balconette bra in their wardrobe. These benefits range from its versatility to how the breasts appear in the bra. The strong support from the bottom of the bra creates an upward push that enhances the appearance of the cleavage. Breasts appear fuller and rounder. Because the balconette-style bra is supportive, visually appealing, and enhances the appearance of the breasts, it can be worn with just about any outfit. Usually women have to choose whether they want to wear a sexy bra or they want the added support. With a balconette-style bra, women can have both. Because balconette-style bras provide a minimal amount of coverage, they can be worn with tops that have a very low-cut neckline. Some support is lost due to the reduced coverage, but not enough to make a difference for most everyday purposes. Since a good amount of support is coming from the bottom and the band, the balconette-style bra can be worn for all occasions and with all outfits. The only limitation would be during times of physical activity when additional support is necessary. Shop online for all styles of bra at

Wednesday, November 18, 2015


As the season of cold wave can be felt around, people start searching for trendy and funky winter wear. It is very much important to secure the body from extreme cold temperature in this season. Thermal wear adds a great charm to the wardrobe with superb style and elegance. Gone are those days when thermal wear was rough, bulky and unattractive. Today, you have funky and stylish choices that keep the body warm in a stylish way.

Choosing the right kind of thermal wear is important, and factors like material type, quality, size, and style are quite important. Not only conventional market, but shopping websites also get flooded with loads of varieties. At times, it is difficult to pick up the best thermal wear online.

What is a thermal wear?

Thermal wear is a double-layered fabric with the outer layer made from synthetic fiber, wool or cotton, and an inner layer is brushed soft cotton. It has excellent absorbing capacity and a soothing soft touch. It is available in multiple styles, patterns and sizes for both sexes. It is machine and hand washable.

What are different types of thermal wear?

Well, it is quite difficult to narrow down the search when you buy thermal wear. You come across a lot of varieties with a wide variation in prices. People get confuse with the diversity and unable to decide what to buy? In fact, there are three types of fabrics:

1. Synthetic: The base layer winter wear made from synthetic fibers like Lycra, Spandex, Nylon, and Polyester are considered the best. It brings the perfect balance of heat and moisture forming the perfect base layer near the skin. It is stretchable, durable and immensely comfortable.

2. Wool: Next to the synthetic fabric, wool is another great choice for thermal wear. It has a great capacity of retaining moisture and heat making it the right choice for base layering. Good heat retaining capacity makes it an ideal choice for military, hunters or those who need to live in extreme cold conditions.

3. Cotton: This is perhaps the most common (and most reasonably priced) thermal wear. It retains moisture well but offers poor insulation against the cold. However, it is good for moderate temperatures and sunny weather. Also, when the weather is not windy or you are not much active it offers quite effective cushioning. In extreme weather conditions, cotton thermal wear is totally ineffective. Since it is available in large quantities and varieties, people prefer it for moderate winters.

Shopping thermal wear online is a pleasure. Bodybasics offers a big range of thermal wear suiting the style and functional requirements. It is a convenient and fast way of shopping. It is possible to narrow down the search by defining filters on product type, price, brand, and size. Look at the products display and add the selected ones to the shopping cart. Websites offer multiple payment options like Credit cards, debit cards, payment on delivery and so on. Choose what suits to you and go ahead with shopping thermal wear online.

Wednesday, November 4, 2015


Socks are an important piece of clothing, even though most men don’t pay much attention to them. They are not only a visible part of our outfit, but are also important because they are functional. They absorb our perspiration, protect us from abrasion and so much more. A bad pair of socks can harm your feet and mood, while a good one can go a long way. Hence it is important to know more about socks as it this will give you better insight into the world of fashion, style, and clothing, and you might discover things you didn’t know and which you can use in different situations.
There are some general rules that one must follow. First of all, the socks you are wearing must match your pants. It is said that socks are to merge the shoe and the pants and you are not supposed to show skin between them. Socks, like the rest of the pieces you are wearing, must go with the whole outfit and the occasion. Don’t wear sports socks at a black tie event or vice versa. Try to avoid socks that have holes in them.
Now let’s talk about the types of socks there are according to the size and the occasion you want to wear them at. Regarding the length aspect of the sock, there are three types of socks: low-cut sport, ankle-length, and knee-length socks. Of course, the low-cut type is for sports, relaxation, very casual dressing, and occasions at which you wear short pants, while the other types are for dressier occasions. When it comes to purpose or occasion, socks are categorized as formal and sports socks. Formal socks are worn at most occasions where you need to wear a suit or a casual outfit. Sports Socks are worn at the gym, while hiking and so on. They can be low-cut socks or very high socks, depending on the sport you wear them for. The last category is the Protective socks designed to help the wearer in extreme conditions, such as mountain expeditions or swimming.

When it comes to fabrics, socks are being made out of a variety of materials such as wool, cotton or nylon, each having it’s own particularities.  The classic material for socks, wool is the fabric that socks have been made out of for a lot of time. Cotton is also a very popular fabric when it comes to men’s socks. It is often blended with man-made fibers to improve the fit and strength of the sock. It is very durable , easy to maintain and conforms to the shape of the foot, offering excellent fit. For those who do not want to wear socks, go for no-show socks. They are a great option and feel just like normal socks. And even if socks are not such a big part of your wardrobe, make sure they are a well-taken-care-of part as they will improve your mood and will help you do everything better! Shop online for an exclusive variety of branded socks for men at