Wednesday, November 18, 2015


As the season of cold wave can be felt around, people start searching for trendy and funky winter wear. It is very much important to secure the body from extreme cold temperature in this season. Thermal wear adds a great charm to the wardrobe with superb style and elegance. Gone are those days when thermal wear was rough, bulky and unattractive. Today, you have funky and stylish choices that keep the body warm in a stylish way.

Choosing the right kind of thermal wear is important, and factors like material type, quality, size, and style are quite important. Not only conventional market, but shopping websites also get flooded with loads of varieties. At times, it is difficult to pick up the best thermal wear online.

What is a thermal wear?

Thermal wear is a double-layered fabric with the outer layer made from synthetic fiber, wool or cotton, and an inner layer is brushed soft cotton. It has excellent absorbing capacity and a soothing soft touch. It is available in multiple styles, patterns and sizes for both sexes. It is machine and hand washable.

What are different types of thermal wear?

Well, it is quite difficult to narrow down the search when you buy thermal wear. You come across a lot of varieties with a wide variation in prices. People get confuse with the diversity and unable to decide what to buy? In fact, there are three types of fabrics:

1. Synthetic: The base layer winter wear made from synthetic fibers like Lycra, Spandex, Nylon, and Polyester are considered the best. It brings the perfect balance of heat and moisture forming the perfect base layer near the skin. It is stretchable, durable and immensely comfortable.

2. Wool: Next to the synthetic fabric, wool is another great choice for thermal wear. It has a great capacity of retaining moisture and heat making it the right choice for base layering. Good heat retaining capacity makes it an ideal choice for military, hunters or those who need to live in extreme cold conditions.

3. Cotton: This is perhaps the most common (and most reasonably priced) thermal wear. It retains moisture well but offers poor insulation against the cold. However, it is good for moderate temperatures and sunny weather. Also, when the weather is not windy or you are not much active it offers quite effective cushioning. In extreme weather conditions, cotton thermal wear is totally ineffective. Since it is available in large quantities and varieties, people prefer it for moderate winters.

Shopping thermal wear online is a pleasure. Bodybasics offers a big range of thermal wear suiting the style and functional requirements. It is a convenient and fast way of shopping. It is possible to narrow down the search by defining filters on product type, price, brand, and size. Look at the products display and add the selected ones to the shopping cart. Websites offer multiple payment options like Credit cards, debit cards, payment on delivery and so on. Choose what suits to you and go ahead with shopping thermal wear online.

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