Wednesday, November 4, 2015


Socks are an important piece of clothing, even though most men don’t pay much attention to them. They are not only a visible part of our outfit, but are also important because they are functional. They absorb our perspiration, protect us from abrasion and so much more. A bad pair of socks can harm your feet and mood, while a good one can go a long way. Hence it is important to know more about socks as it this will give you better insight into the world of fashion, style, and clothing, and you might discover things you didn’t know and which you can use in different situations.
There are some general rules that one must follow. First of all, the socks you are wearing must match your pants. It is said that socks are to merge the shoe and the pants and you are not supposed to show skin between them. Socks, like the rest of the pieces you are wearing, must go with the whole outfit and the occasion. Don’t wear sports socks at a black tie event or vice versa. Try to avoid socks that have holes in them.
Now let’s talk about the types of socks there are according to the size and the occasion you want to wear them at. Regarding the length aspect of the sock, there are three types of socks: low-cut sport, ankle-length, and knee-length socks. Of course, the low-cut type is for sports, relaxation, very casual dressing, and occasions at which you wear short pants, while the other types are for dressier occasions. When it comes to purpose or occasion, socks are categorized as formal and sports socks. Formal socks are worn at most occasions where you need to wear a suit or a casual outfit. Sports Socks are worn at the gym, while hiking and so on. They can be low-cut socks or very high socks, depending on the sport you wear them for. The last category is the Protective socks designed to help the wearer in extreme conditions, such as mountain expeditions or swimming.

When it comes to fabrics, socks are being made out of a variety of materials such as wool, cotton or nylon, each having it’s own particularities.  The classic material for socks, wool is the fabric that socks have been made out of for a lot of time. Cotton is also a very popular fabric when it comes to men’s socks. It is often blended with man-made fibers to improve the fit and strength of the sock. It is very durable , easy to maintain and conforms to the shape of the foot, offering excellent fit. For those who do not want to wear socks, go for no-show socks. They are a great option and feel just like normal socks. And even if socks are not such a big part of your wardrobe, make sure they are a well-taken-care-of part as they will improve your mood and will help you do everything better! Shop online for an exclusive variety of branded socks for men at

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