Friday, December 4, 2015


Have you ever bought a last-minute outfit on the day of a big soiree only to discover that you don’t have the right bra? Every one of us, at one time or another has not had that “right” piece of lingerie just when we need it. Here we suggest you 5 must have bras which one should have to create a perfect lingerie wardrobe.

Multiway or Convertible Bra: 

A convertible bra has modifiable straps that can be transformed into a halter, racer-back, one-shoulder, or strapless style. A convertible bra is a great versatile bra, and handy to have in case you need a quick solution without time to go shopping.

Push-Up Bra:

A push-up bra is designed with additional padding at the bottom portion of the cup, which lifts the breasts to give the illusion of a fuller bust-line. This type of bra comes in handy when an outfit calls for a more filled-out look. It is most frequently used with eveningwear. 

T-shirt Bra:

Contour bras have cups that maintain a breast shape whether on or off. This is achieved by having the cup moulded out of a thin foam. Besides giving your breast a great pre-determined shape, a contour bra totally eliminates any nipple show-through. If you are modesty conscious, a contour or T-shirt bra is a great answer for you.

Sports Bra:

Sports bra is a woman’s best friend. It takes to all shapes and perfectly adapts to all kinds of women’s curves. Failing to wear a supportive and properly fitting sports bra during exercise can lead to permanent breast damage whether you’ve experienced pain or not, and even if your breasts are very small. Ideally a sports bra should be made of a fabric that wicks away moisture. . Manufacturers often categorize their sports-bra line by the level of impact and exercise intensity.

Plunge Bra:

Plunge bras are designed so you can wear low cut clothes without your bra showing. The cups join together low between the breasts, with a thin centre piece. Usually the shoulder straps are wide, so you can wear any necklines that are widely cut as well as low.

Now that you have an idea of the must have bras, check out the various options available online at Get ready and look elegant at the much awaited big soiree.

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